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The Next Mission

Having just crossed the mid-year mark I would typically pass the comment along the lines of ‘where has the last six months gone?’ I did, in fact, catch myself saying this, but after a quick think decided they have probably been the most eventful months, I have had in a while. I’m not saying they should always be like this (the bank account definitely wouldn’t be able to continue funding this lifestyle), but I’ve had a fantastic time seeing and doing many new things.

After a couple of quieter weeks settling back into the swing of work and London, I have been umming and ahhing over what is next on the adventure list. I would love to give a half-ironman another crack, especially now after having learnt so much since I did my last one. Looking back, how I even completed that event is beyond me; nutrition was non-existent, my bike was set up incorrectly and let's just say training wasn’t quite up to scratch. So this was at the top of the list until some Brixton bandit decided they would cut my lock outside my work and help themselves to my bike!! (Poor Pepe, just over four weeks old!) Welcome to London Hollie. So the decision was made for me and finding a running-based event now seemed far more practical.

After a search on google I found and entered my first ultra marathon, the 3x3000 Ultra race by High Terrain events. Based in the Lakes District, this inaugural event covers an 80km (50 miles) off-road route incorporating Scafell Pike, Helvellyn and Skiddaw, starting and finishing in Keswick town centre. Time to get running!

With 14 weeks till d-day, I sat down and sketched out a rough training plan to help me get to the start line in an acceptable state. I’m not too sure how this is going to play out. If I thought to live in Christchurch with the Port Hills and Arthur's Pass on my doorstep was tough, then living in the middle of London might be a bit more of a challenge. And we won’t even go there with the social life.

I recently bought a book called Wild Running to help me find suitable tracks and trails around the UK to train on. It’s a fantastic book for anyone wanting to get out and explore new places. I ticked the first trail off the list today as I headed out the door to Richmond Park in the hope of spotting some of the Queen’s deer I’ve heard so much about. I managed just over 25km, of which 95% was on the trail which I was pleasantly surprised about and all from my doorstep. I think running in London might be better than I first thought

So stay tuned to what I am sure will be an interesting build up to my first ultra, and of course, cross another adventure off the bucket list.

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