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International Yoga Day

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

I was asked recently if I was happy with how my Coast to Coast training went. As a whole, the answer is “Yes”, but compared to when I trained for Coast the first time, my situations couldn’t have been more different. The main factor between the two was working for a company compared to now being my own boss. Working for yourself has this dreamy connotation – you get to work your own hours, have as many days off as you like etc, etc. But to be honest, the last two (or so) years have been the hardest of all. The highest of highs and the lowest of lows. I know I shouldn’t say this but some days I just want to throw it all in the air and work in a café. But luckily those days are few, and there are more good days when I feel like I’m kicking butt and doing what makes me happy.

No matter how many hours you get to put aside for training, there is one aspect that I did the first time around that I didn’t do last year was yoga. And I regret it. If I can offer you one piece of advice – yoga is it. Mentally. Physically. It helps on so many levels. And as it’s International Yoga day today, I thought I’d write about it.

When Lululemon asked me to speak at their event to celebrate International Yoga in a few weeks, I was initially stoked, but that was quickly followed by ‘What they heck am I going to talk about?!’. Which got me thinking. Yoga is more than just downward dogs on a mat and praying that you don’t fart, though. Even though it’s really, really hard not to laugh when someone does. Or an excuse to pick your toenails when you’re holding a position for what seems like an awkwardly long time. If you’ve done yoga before, I can almost guarantee you can relate to both. And while I do love going to classes, I find my yoga in the hills and mountains; my form of meditation that helps with the stresses of life. Have you ever found yourself running along, and then you get to the end suddenly and wonder how the heck you got there? So lost in the moment that it becomes therapeutic. That’s what yoga is to me.

If you’re free next weekend and are in Christchurch then why don’t you come along? They describe their event as “A day of flow, connection and inspiration from Christchurch’s best. Explore how the benefits of yoga show up in all areas of your life and how practice can become something so much more than on the mat.”

I am in no way sponsored by Lululemon, but I want to genuinely share with you how awesome I think they are. And not just because they have amazing fitness clothes. I went into their shop a while ago (I try and stay away to be honest as I just want to buy everything!) to sort out some gear for my Coast to Coast supporters and started chatting away with the lovely girls working there. A few weeks later I received an email asking if I would supply some magazines to an evening they were organising (which, I, of course, said yes) and was stoked a few weeks after that to be invited to their event ‘Talk to Table’.

Rocking up to the stunning venue in Lyttleton (the old Kingswood Skis workshop) I was blown away. I was one of 50 that was invited along, all from the Christchurch community who Lululemon support in different ways. Surrounded by people who ran their own business, were ambassadors or worked for Lululemon, we mingled while listening to epic tunes before sitting down to a beautiful spread by Herba Gourmet. It was a great night meeting new people, going somewhere new and feeling like what I do doesn’t go unnoticed. No longer do I think they are a global company chasing the dollar, but a company who supports their community and is helping those in the fitness industry pursue their goals. A boomer of a marketing strategy!

And it gets better; I was invited to their store opening too! They have moved out of their temporary store next to Ballantynes in the iconic Container Mall and can now be found further up Cashel Mall at 145 – 161. The morning started with a Bootybarre® class at the recently opened On Pointe studio at Carlton Corner. It wasn’t just the new gear that got me excited, but if I had my time again, I would have carried on with ballet and dance. I was so excited to go and do a class in their studio and while it turns out I’m not as strong as I was when I was 12 (those glute exercises), the love for ballet is still strong. Described as a fun, high energy fusion class, combining Pilates, Dance, Yoga with Cardio Intervals at the barre, it is suitable for all levels. Give it a nudge if you’re looking for something a little bit different from the usual yoga class.

We then headed back for a yummy breakfast and the chance to check out their new store before it officially opened to the public. I would highly recommend a visit if only to see the beautiful art on the walls by local artist Lara Marshall.

Thanks Lululemon for your support and for giving me the chance to be a part of your amazing community.

“True meditation is about being fully present with everything that is – including discomfort and challenges. It is not an escape from life.” ~ Craig Hamilton

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