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Eat, Sleep, Train, Work ... Repeat!

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

I’ve been asked over these last few days as I have caught up with friends how my training is going. As of the start of August, my Coast to Coast training stepped up a notch. This means I am now following a program, and not just exercising as it suits me. I have found a great online training program created by ‘Exponential Performance Coaching’, a Coast to Coast coaching service designed by Matty Graham and elite multisport athlete Dougal Allan. And even better they have an app! I upload data from my Garmin watch as I do my runs, bikes and kayaks and load the information to keep track of my progress. This means I now try to fit life around training, instead of the other way around.

Someone mentioned to me during the weekend that their friend was training for an Ironman, and was now ‘boring’. Are people going to describe me as boring? After deciding to enter the Coast to Coast, I said I wasn’t going to let it cancel out my social life, but there is no point spending this much time and money to finally cross the finish line thinking I could have trained more. It’s an interesting balance to keep both sides happy, and already I’m starting to see how this can affect the social life! Training on a hangover is no fun; the first thing that goes out the door is motivation. And I’ve got six months and summer to get through yet!

The best thing I’ve found is surrounding yourself around people who are there to support you 100%, and luckily for me, I have these in abundance. So I’m out the door now to crank out a gym session, after doing a 40 min run at lunchtime and this is a ‘recovery’ week.

Happy days!

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